THE Shoujo Anime to Add to Your Watchlist

Kimi Ni Todoke

Do you love high school drama? Do you easily fall in love with the popular, easygoing guy? Are you a fan of a sweet main character who wouldn't hurt a fly? Then, you HAVE to watch Kimi Ni Todoke! The show consists of 2 Seasons (37 Episodes) and you can watch it on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Kimi Ni Todoke is about a young girl, Sawako, who hasn't had very many friends in her life. Now, in high school, she has met very interesting classmates but hasn't had the courage to speak to them until one day her handsome classmate, Kazehaya Shouta, aims to speak to her more often. Finally giving into his interest for her (which he's kept secret since they met on the first day of school), he develops a wholesome friendship where they both (obviously) have feelings for each other. In this awkward and pure relationship, they become closer than they could have ever imagined and Sawako finds herself surrounded by great friends.

I absolutely recommend this anime for anyone who is looking for a nice change from the violence of Shonen manga or if they just want a more romantic slice-of-life show to watch. I think Kimi Ni Todoke is a breath of fresh air and something that any fan should watch! I promise you won't regret watching it in the end and I want to hear what you think. Comment below or in the Otaku Chats to let us know what you thought!

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