Pokemon's Onigiri

Pokemon has made onigiri a popular snack but you've seen it in Spirited Away, Haikyuu, and so many other anime. If you've wondered what it takes to make a quick rice snack, wonder no longer!

Feeds: 1-3

Prep Time: 10 mins.

Cook Time: 30 mins.

Total Time: 40 mins.


◒ Koshihikari Rice

◒ Nori (Seaweed wraps)

◒ Furikake (Japanese seasonings)

◒ Optional fillings: canned salmon, regular salmon, canned tuna, regular tuna, canned chicken, regular sliced chicken, etc. seasoned to your preference.


◒ Cook the rice with light salt

◒ Once the rice is cooked, throw it into a mixing bowl with the furikake and mix evenly.

◒ Separate the rice into equal portions (big enough to be a large handful)

◒ Wet your hands with salt water (add a pinch of salt to it) to avoid rice sticking to your hands

◒ Grab a portion of rice & make the indent to insert the filling

Note: Don't put too much filling so that it won't fit in the rice.

◒ Fold the rice over and lightly press into a ball

◒ Using your fingertips while resting the rice in your palm, press and squeeze the rice into a triangular shape. Do so lightly and slowly if it's your first time so it doesn't break.

◒ Place a slice of nori on the bottom and fold it up towards the middle.

Filling Ideas:

◒ Chicken salad

◒ Canned tuna and mayo with spicy chili seasoning

◒ Smoked salmon

◒ Spicy tofu

◒ Imitation Krab and spicy chili garlic seasoning

OtakuDigest does not own the photos provided, the Pokemon franchise, or the rights to any specific recipes! This is a source of fun for anime fans to enjoy meals they view in the shows they watch and we hope you enjoy it!

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