MegaCon 2022 Lookbook!

Check out some inspiration and advice for your next cosplay transformation! These are our favorite cosplayers from MegaCon. If you haven't cosplayed before but want to look into it, we have advice on how to get started and some shows you can watch to get you hyped up for your next project. Happy Cosplaying!

Nikolai Gogol

from Bungo Stray Dogs

Cosplayer: @Tozo.cosplay

Zabuza Momochi

from Naruto

Cosplayer: @zeta_senpai

Tiger of the Wild, Wild Pussycats

from My Hero Academia

Cosplayer: @wendellcosplays

Deku and Todoroki

from My Hero Academia

Cosplayer: @gigibrgs

Kitagawa Marin

from My Dress Up Darling

Cosplayer: @summaricos


from Demon Slayer

Cosplayer (on the right): @samanthacmjefferson

Cosplayer (on the left):

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from Genshin Impact

Cosplayer: @manatcosplay

Sailor Mars

from Sailor Moon

Cosplayer: @alylalibellule

Zero Two

from Darling in the Franxx

Cosplayer: @cat_sevares