HOW TO: Write a Good Fan Fiction!

More and more fan fictions are being written daily and published on popular apps like Wattpad and Archive of Our Own. Let's face it: weebs tend to have big imaginations so who wouldn't want to write a great fan fiction about their favorite characters? Have you ever entertained the idea of writing a fan fiction? If so, you're in luck because we are sharing key points to writing a successful one!

1. Figure out the kind of plot you want to write

First things first: you need to decide what plot you want to write and what the plot points are. Decide what the beginning, the climax, and the end of the story will look like. Then you can continue the details while writing it. If you want a specific trope (i.e. enemies to lovers, childhood friends, etc.) that will help bring the story along but decide when you want them to develop their relationship or when you want an important character death, whatever it may be. Decide what will happen before writing so you don't get lost during it.

2. Note each character's details

This rule goes hand in hand with #1. After creating the story in your head, you have to decide how the characters will act in certain situations, what their most important traits are, and what their values are. Take notes on each character, including "y/n" (or the reader) so that it doesn't get messy towards the middle of the story when they react completely out of character. For example: Katsuki Bakugou values being the #1 Hero. He is short-tempered, blunt, rude, dedicated, sometimes inspiring, and he doesn't like to show any kind of weakness. He wouldn't stutter or change his personality for anyone.

3. Set deadlines

If you know that you will be completely dedicated to writing this, then maybe you don't need deadlines. However, sometimes you do so it would be safe to set weekly or bi-weekly deadlines for yourself per 1-2 chapters. You'll always have a hand on your story so you don't lose touch, you'll always be writing so you can stay inspired even when you aren't writing, and when you have more readers waiting for your chapters to come out, they will have a consistent schedule. We recommend setting a weekly deadline of 1-2 chapters.

4. Create rules for yourself as the writer

If you know how you want your characters to act or how to depict them (like making Itachi a villain), then stick to this idea! As you gain more readers and opinions, it's difficult to stick to your original hopes and thoughts because you want others to like what you're writing. You shouldn't discredit yourself to appease others. If you want someone to die after they just got in a relationship then kill them off! Stay true to you and list the important things you want to write so that no one sways your opinion.

5. Just, write!

You are more than prepared to get your fan fiction started now. How exciting! It doesn't matter if you're not the best writer or if you're scared of starting it, just do it. It's important to follow your curiosity and creativity and if this is going to make you happy then do it and share the link in our Otaku Chats section! We're so excited to see your work.

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