How to Live the Shoujo Lifestyle!

You've heard of romanticizing your life but not like this! Implement the Shoujo Anime Main Character's life into your own and feel like an MC all the time. Here are some tips from your favorite shoujo anime queens.

1. Start a Morning Routine

You know the "getting ready for school/work" scene that happens at least once per show! Give your skin some love and start your day right with a get-ready montage yourself. You absolutely deserve to give yourself some extra care.

2. Dress in clothes that make you feel cute!

Okay, we know Miss President doesn't necessarily love her maid outfit but we do. It takes time to update your closet if you're just starting out but even if you want to stick to what you own, make different combinations and try new things. This will totally help you feel more confident as you push yourself a little out of your comfort zone. We think you look great, as is *wink*!

3. Listen to fun music

Shoujo anime soundtracks are a good start but you don't have to stop there! Whenever you have a chance, listen to music that makes you feel good, confident, and happy. If you're in school or work and you can't do so, mentally listen to your favorite song whenever you walk into any room! Trust us, it works.

4. Indulge on sweets/coffee sometimes

What's the point of living the Shoujo MC life if you can't chow down on some cloud cake or strawberries or even coffee after your morning routine? Social media makes us hesitant to indulge because of beauty standards, but if it makes you feel good, you should every once in a while, right? Go ahead, and buy yourself some snacks on your next grocery hall. You deserve it.

5. Choose a character you like & implement them in your life

Have you had a character in mind while reading this article? That's perfect! Consider what you like about them and make a list of what those things are. Then think about ways that you can apply these things to yourself. Whether it be a great style, a strong persona, or a funny personality, you can implement anything into who you are and become a stronger main character than you already are!

6. Be yourself!

We kind of spoiled this one in #5 but you already are a main character in your life. You just need to be confident and true to your values and you can do anything. These tips are here to help you romanticize your life, not change you completely. Think about what you like about yourself and what you like about your favorite characters and consider what the comparisons are! Bet you'll realize that you're already the person you want to be. ;)

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