Heaven Official's Blessing Season 2 is coming! Are you ready?

The romance that stole our hearts in 2020 is coming back for a second season! If you haven't watched the trailer, click on the link below then come back here for more info.

Season 1 Recap

Heaven Official's Blessing has been off the screens for two years! If you've been on the edge of your seat to see what comes next, join the club! In Season 1, we were introduced to Xie Lian, a God who has ascended to heaven 3 times, had to return to the mortal realm to exorcise ghosts and gain worshippers. In this adventure however, he meets a demon, Hua Cheng (A.K.A San Lang), who takes a special liking to him. Throughout Season 1, we are given crumbs of romance between them and we slowly begin to root for these characters, though they could never be together (or could they?).

Spoiler! Do not Read if you haven't watched Season 1 ☆

At the end of the season, it's clear to all of us that they're in love. When Xie Lian talks about his past as a prince before he ascended, it strikes a chord in San Lang's heart. We can assume that the boy Xie Lian saved was indeed San Lang when he was human and their paths have crossed before. However, before we can get an official answer or a significant development in their relationship, our favorite demon disappears for what seems like forever.

Now, guess who ends up bumping into him in the City of Ghosts. *wink, wink*

Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 of Heaven Official's Blessing will likely release in Fall of 2022. It is projected that it will be October of 2022 but when the official release date is set, we will let you know so stay tuned to OtakuDigest! Since there were several pauses in the production of this season, we can only hope for the best that it won't be pushed back but October 2022 is the expectation.

Where to watch

You can watch Season 1 on Netflix, the Bilibili Youtube Channel, or Funimation. The language of the show is Chinese but they have subtitles in various languages! If you don't have a Funimation account, Netflix is the best bet for you.

Get your fix before Season 2

If you're just as obsessed with the soundtrack as us, here is an hour long study music playlist on Youtube.

If you'd like to indulge in fan art, here are some of our favorites on Pinterest!

If you're just dying to know what happens next, you can buy the novels on Amazon right here!

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