Goldfish's Festival Takoyaki

In every slice of life/12 episode anime, you get to enjoy the festival episode! Hanging out with friends (or crush), watching fireworks, and eating takoyaki. Have you ever had takoyaki? IT'S SO GOOD. Of course, it's hyped up! Now, you can finally eat this at home and set off some fireworks in your backyard.

Feeds: 3-5

Prep Time: 10 mins.

Cook Time: 10 mins.

Total Time: 20 mins

What You Need:

◒ Toothpicks

◒ Takoyaki pan

Note: If you don't have a takoyaki pan, check out the links below.

Portable grill

Cast Iron grill

◒ Don't want to buy a takoyaki pan? You can deep fry the balls in a deep pan, as well!


◒ 1 egg

◒ 1 tbsp of milk

◒ 1/2 cup spring onions, chopped

◒ 1/4 pickled ginger, chopped

◒ 1/2 cup tenkasu crispy tempura crumbs

◒ 5/8 cup chopped octopus pieces (could substitute with chicken, ham, bacon, or cheese)

◒ 5/8 cup plain flour

◒ 10 g cornstarch

◒ 450 ml dashi stock


◒ Slice the octopus (or substitute protein) into bite-sized pieces and put aside

◒ Mix flour and cornstarch in a bowl then, in a separate bowl, whisk the egg.

◒ Add the egg to the mixture then slowly add the dash stock and whisk it all together.

◒ Heat the takoyaki pan (or regular pan) and coat with oil. Pour the batter into the pan until all the wells are full and the batter covers entire plate.

Note: If using a regular pan, create balls with the mixture and the octopus pieces in the middle then fry it.

◒ Place one piece of octopus into each then sprinkle the spring onion, ginger, and tempura crumbs. When the bottom of the batter starts to get crispy, use a chopstick to pick around the sides of the balls to avoid them getting stuck.

◒ Flip each ball occasionally as the batter becomes crispy and golden brown on all sides. You flip by piercing the ball with the toothpick and pulling it upwards.

◒ Once well cooked, put the cooked takoyaki on a plate and top with preferred topping (BBQ or Takoyaki sauce with bonito flakes are great options!)

OtakuDigest does not own the photos provided, the Goldfish franchise, or the rights to any specific recipes! This is a source of fun for anime fans to enjoy meals they view in the shows they watch and we hope you enjoy it!

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