Do You Really Want to Date a Weeb?

Here are the Top 10 Red Flags to look for...

Everyone wants someone they can watch anime with and cuddle, right? Well, it's all fun and games until you realize that they aren't like your comfort characters or the hot villains. It's time to expose the dark side of weebhood! Disclaimer: These are all jokes and should be taken with a grain of salt! Look out for the Top 10 Weeb Green Flags, coming soon.

1. If they only watch shonen, they don't know how to love.

This one is kind of obvious but if they only watch shonen, they are only thinking about training. They probably learned every hand sign in Naruto when they were younger and have no interest in learning how to love you when there is a Cheat Sheet right there! You deserve someone with a range, sweetie.

2. If they are on Eren's side... you have no chance.

Despite Even being the most annoying person in the show for 3 seasons and then killing tons of people, Yaegerists will always defend him. They will find 0 flaws in him, but every flaw in you. You won't be enough because you're not a genocidal maniac who just happens to be hot (this a good thing, I swear). Just move on while you still can.

3. If they look down on yaois, are you sure you want them?

Being against yaoi's is so 90's, it's boring. You need someone who will appreciate them with you and secretly read them when you're not paying attention. You don't want someone who's gonna be weird about it. I promise they're the same people who like Fire Force for the "plot" and not the boobs *insert eye roll*.

4. If they kin a notorious cry baby, make them cry.

When you ask who their kins are and they say Shinji Ikari or Izuku Midoriya. You have to take the opportunity to make them cry, it's just a law of nature. After you have proven that they're a cry baby just walk away. Literally just walk away. Don't settle for a Deku when you want Bakugou.

5. If "Dragon Ball" is his favorite series... run.

Listen, nothing wrong with Dragon Ball, it's just that cis males cling to this series with everything they have! Have you ever actually watched the show? It's literally so boyish you can't even sit through 2 episodes. At least if he likes Naruto, there's more important female roles. I promise you can do better.

6. If they like Hisoka... blocked.

This is a red flag if I've ever seen one! The people who like Hisoka are kinky on another level. Need I remind you that Hisoka is a psychotic pedophile who just happens to have nice hair. Seriously, if you ask who their favorites are, and Hisoka comes out of their mouth, you must run.

7. If they say Sakura's "not that bad", they're just as bad as her.

I think this has been said to me ONCE and I don't speak to that person anymore. Sakura is one of the worst written characters in the history of anime. She is about as useful as a chipmunk (no offense to chipmunks everywhere) and if anyone defends her, they are the same. You don't need someone with such silly opinions, you deserve someone smart like Armin.

8. If they don't blush every time you smile, then they're dropped.

It's embarrassing for them if they're not flustered by your beauty every time you do anything. You deserve someone who will cover their cheeks because they are aware of how lucky they are to have you.

9. If they refuse to learn Weeb-Tok dances with you, "Sayonara".

Boringgggg. You want someone that will learn the "Shinzo Wo Sasageyo" Tik Tok dances with you so you can do them when you're drunk.... is that just me? Anyway, it's not all about watching anime, it's about having fun together and immersing yourself in the culture!

10. Bottom line: If he's not a 2D man, he's really not worth it.

Honestly, if you've made it this far, you don't want a 3D significant other. You want Levi, or Guren, or Gojo and that's okay. You can always create the canons in your head and live happily ever after. You're free to do whatever you want here so maybe have a 3D and a 2D boyfriend, no one will ever know.

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