Anime to Watch this Spring/Summer!

We can tell you're just biting your nails in anticipation. We recommend, as always, to read the manga if you're interested in any of these shows and don't want to wait weeks for an episode! These are all the anime you can expect to be released for the rest of Spring and beginning of Summer:


1. Spy x Family

Genre: Action, spy, comedy

Release Date: 04.09.22

Twilight, a master spy, is the best in the business when it comes to going undercover on dangerous missions. However, when he receives his next assignment - to get married and have a kid, he may have met his match. Being the good spy he is, he quickly adopts a child and finds a woman to marry to complete his mission. What he doesn't know is that his wife is an assassin and his child a telepath!

2. Don't Hurt Me, My Healer

Genre: Fantasy

Release Date: 04.10.22

In this world, where there are monsters there are heroes, and where there are heroes there are healers. The hero, Alvin, doesn't have a healer with him so you would think that when an elf named Carla turns up and offers her services that it would be a good thing...

3. Ascendence of a Bookworm Season 3

Genre: Fantasy

Release Date: 04.11.22

With the elite hunting Mine for her magic, she is forced to abandon the temple and leave her people behind. She starts a new life as a Lord's stepdaughter and changes her name to Rosemyne. Myne's goal is to launch the very first printing business in this world.

4. Summer Time Rendering

Genre: Supernatural thriller

Release Date: 04.14.22

Shinpei returns to his hometown to attend the funeral of his childhood friend, Ushio. The funeral goes well but it is clear to Shinpei that something strange is occurring on the island. His childhood friend's death may not have been an accident.

5. Pacific Rim The Black Season 2

Genre: Sci-Fi

Release Date: 04.19.22

The Black is a series that builds on the story of the original film and Pacific Rim Uprising. The Black follows a brother and his younger sister piloting an abandoned Jaeger across a hostile territory to return to their parents.

6. A Couple of Cuckoos

Genre: Romance

Release Date: 04.23.22

Nagi Umino, a student top of his class, was switched at birth and when he is on his way to meet his birth parents, he runs into Erika Amano. Erika is on a mission to make Nagi her fake boyfriend because she doesn't want to marry ever. When meeting his parents, they announce that they'd like to resolve the hospital switch by having him marry their daughter, Erika.

7. Vampire in the Garden

Genre: Action, Thriller

Release Date: 05.17.22

There was a time when vampires and humans lived in harmony. Now, in the midst of the worst war humanity has ever fought, a young girl and a vampire queen strive for that paradise to come back.


1. Kaitou Queen wa Circus ga Osuki

Genre: Fantasy

Release Date: 06.17.22

The Kaitou Queen, a phantom thief queen, is someone who never fails to steal what they are after. Their age and gender is unknown (Pur, LGBTQ+!) but when they have their sights on a gemstone it is stolen by a mysterious circus troupe. Let the games begin.

2. Spriggan

Genre: Action

Release Date: 06.18.22

An ancient civilization's relics on Earth hold dangerous powers and the ARCAM corporation's Spriggan agents must keep them out of the wrong hands.

3. Bastard!!

Genre: Action

Release Date: 06.30.22

The Kingdom of Metallicana is attacked by the Four Lords of Havoc. To prevent the Four Lords from reviving their old god, a former ally of theirs, Dark Schneider, is released from his 15 year imprisonment.

4. The Yakuza's Guide to Babysitting

Genre: Slice of Life

Release Date: 07.07.22

The juxtaposing characters, Kirishima, the right-hand man of a yakuza crime family and Yaeka, a sensitive and sweet little girl whose the daughter of the yakuza boss make this anime a good hearted comedy.

Honorable Mentions

1. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon Season 4

Genre: Action

Release Date: Summer 2022

The series centers on 14-year-old Bell Cranel, who is granted some powers and goes on adventures around the city Orario and its connection to the Dungeon. An official synopsis for Season 4 has yet to be released.

2. Kakegurui Twin

Genre: Psychological thriller, Gambling

Release Date: August 2022

Kakegurui Twin is the prequel to Kakegurui! As a first year student, Mary Saotome knows her future is all but set in stone to be successful. However, when she encounters an old-classmate-turned-housepet who throws her into the world of gambling, she wonders if she can make friends and survive high school debtless.

3. Dr. Stone Ryusui

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action

Release Date: July 2022

Ryusui was the heir to the Nanami Conglomerate, and an accomplished sailor. His statue is discovered by the Kingdom of Science, and Minami describes him a person they shouldn't revive. However, Senku deperified him anyway for his captaining skills.

4. Rent-a-girlfriend Season 2

Genre: Slice of Life

Release Date: July 2022

An official synopsis of "Rent-a-Girlfriend" Season 2 hasn't been announced yet. However, since Season 1 stuck pretty close to the manga, it's safe to say that Season 2 will have a similar lineup. Make sure to watch Season 1 before July!

5. Black Summoner

Genre: Fantasy, Action

Release Date: July 2022

When Kelvin wakes up in a strange place with no memory of his life, he learns that he made a deal to sacrifice his mommies in exchange for powerful abilities. While mastering his new skills, he adds subordinates to his arsenal and gains an overwhelming power.
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