Anime Quotes for All of Your Moods

Your kins, crushes, and comfort characters, have some words you need to hear! They're here for you like they always are! After this, go ahead and watch the Haikyuu Training Arc or Saiki K or Class 1-A moving into the dorms. It'll be a great serotonin boost.

Feeling sad?

You should know that it will get better eventually.

Everyone has gone through this before. Your feelings are valid.

Feeling happy?

This feeling won't last forever so embrace it!

Express gratitude to your friends and family and spread that happiness!

Feeling lazy?

Don't talk to anyone. It's okay to take the day & turn your phone on DND.

Seriously, just go to bed! You'll feel better after a nap.

Feeling unmotivated?

Your why is the reason that you'll keep going so make sure it's strong.

You can do this. As long as you believe in yourself, you can do it.

Feeling depressed?

Go outside and enjoy nature.

There are ups and downs but that's what life is all about.

Feeling lonely?

Spend time with yourself by watching a movie or eating ice cream. Enjoy your alone time.

Don't think about others right now. Get comfortable with being alone then come back to society!

Feeling excited?

Yes! Enjoy this feeling and take advantage of it by doing something you love - this'll keep the excitement lingering.

Don't stop here! Keep going and get farther in your goals.

Feeling angry?

Think about the real reason you're upset right now.

Don't let this eat at you. Process it then let it go.

Feeling exhausted?

Go back to your reason why and think about your next step even if it's super small.

Find something that will get you through the week or even the day but give yourself a small goal to achieve. Keep going!

Feeling anxious?

Dress up! It might help to distract you.

You have been through this before and you can get through it again. Believe in yourself.

Feeling insecure?

You are more than your looks or your body. Make a list of what you like the most about your personality. It'll help.

Take comfort in the fact that there isn't another you on the planet. You have no one to compare to.

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