10 Anime to Watch if You Don’t Know Where to Start

With anime infiltrating itself more and more into Western culture, it’s a daily occurrence to see references to shows, songs, manga, and comfort characters. However, most people don’t know what the trend is all about and where they can begin. Well, the good news is that there’s an article (this one) that lists the best anime to start with.

Here are 10 great anime that every new fan should start with, and experienced fans can check out in between their preferred genre of shows or manga. These are all portal opening anime and manga with thriving fandoms, incredible plot lines, and inspiring characters. When choosing what kind of anime to watch or read, think about the shows you gravitate towards regularly.

1. My Hero Academia

Genre: Shonen (Action)

Where to Watch: Hulu, Crunchyroll

My Hero Academia follows the life of 14-year-old Izuku Midoriya, who is powerless in a world where quirks (superhuman abilities) mean everything. Almost everyone on the planet has a quirk whether it be invisibility or bendy fingers. As Izuku has to think about his next steps before entering high school, he hopes to train to become a hero despite being quirkless. Join him and his friends as he aims to become the #1 Hero in the world.

2. Horimiya

Genre: Shoujo (Romance)

Where to Watch: Funimation

If you’re more into Rom-Coms, Horimiya is one of the top anime and manga for you to add to your list. Horimiya displays high school romance in the most “rosy-colored-sunglasses” type of way. The popular girl, Kyoko Hori, begins to spend more and more time with the quiet, antisocial boy, Izumi Miyamura, after the boy helps her little brother home one day. Seeing each other outside of the classroom gives them the opportunity to get closer than ever and see that they have more in common than they thought.

3. 7 Deadly Sins

Genre: Shonen (Action)

Where to Watch: Netflix

7 Deadly Sins is the perfect show to watch if you’re into fairies, knights, giants, angels, demons, etc. It literally has everything you want in a show plus the drama and romance of carrying the fate of the world on your shoulders! Check it out and tell us who your favorite character is in the Otaku Chats section! (Disclaimer: it may be Ban.)

4. Hunter X Hunter

Genre: Shonen (Action)

Where to Watch: Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll

Hunter X Hunter is one of the shows that’s considered a masterpiece! It’s SO good but be warned: It should be your first anime but maybe one of your first 5. It’s one of the best anime you will ever watch and that’s not biased (mostly), just ask any weeb you know and they will say it’s great but not one to start with because it’s so good. Trust me, when you watch it, you’ll know.

5. Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku

Genre: Shoujo (Romance)

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime

In a world where image matters, 26-year-old Momose Narumi, is a yaoi (gay romance) fangirl if you’ve ever seen one. However, she can’t show this side of herself to anyone because it’s “not cool to be an otaku”. She wants to be seen as a perfect, beautiful, successful girl but once she starts her new job, her dreams are crushed as she runs into her old (and hot) middle school friend who knows about her secret!

6. Black Clover

Genre: Shonen (Action)

Where to Watch: Hulu, Crunchyroll

Asta and Yuno are orphans raised in the outskirts of the Clover Kingdom. The best way for them to support their family is to become successful Magic Knights. Yuno is the golden child who has very powerful magic but Asta, on the other hand, doesn’t have an ounce of it. Magic is everything and if you don’t have it, you can’t get anywhere in life. Or, can you?

7. Attack on Titan

Genre: Shonen (Action)

Where to Watch: Netflix, Crunchyroll, Hulu

(Warning: Gory!) The world of Eren Yeagar is surrounded by giant humanoids who eat humans for sport. When his hometown is ruined, Eren has no other choice but to fight back and destroy the titans. Can he save all of his friends and change the world? Well, go watch and find out.

8. Fruits Basket

Genre: Shoujo (Romance)

Where to Watch: Crunchyroll

Tohru Honda found herself lost and alone in the world after her mother passed away. When her small home is discovered by the mysterious (and beautiful) Soma clan, she suddenly finds herself living with several members of the family including Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure Soma. But this family is mysterious for a reason! They have a weird secret: when hugged of the opposite sex, they turn into the animals of the Zodiac.

9. Death Note

Genre: Thriller

Where to Watch: Netflix, Crunchyroll

Light Yagami is a brilliant high school student but when he realizes how bored he is with his perfect life, he finds a mysterious notebook. This notebook happens to belong to a being who has the power of life and death at his fingertips.

10. Toradora

Genre: Shoujo (Romance)

Where to Watch: Netflix, Crunchyroll

Ryuji is a normal high school kid in love with a beautiful girl in his high school. Taiga is a normal and mean high school girl in love with a handsome, popular boy in her high school. On the first day of school, Ryuji and Taiga realize that they share a secret: each of them loves the other’s best friend!

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