10 Anime Characters Born in February

Here are the most important February birthdays that you should look out for and celebrate this year - well, mostly. Check out this month's and stay tuned for March's birthday celebrating!

1. Jotaro Kujo

Date: Feb 1

How to celebrate: Go to the gym and listen to a fire playlist

2. Koji Koda

Date: Feb 1

How to celebrate: Give your pets some extra snuggle time

3. Rem

Date: Feb 2

How to celebrate: Treat yourself to some sweets

4. Rin Matsuoka

Date: Feb 2

How to celebrate: Spend some time out in the pool

5. Zeldris

Date: Feb 5

How to celebrate: Watch 7 Deadly Sins. He loves the attention.

6. Giyu Tomioka

Date: Feb 8

How to celebrate: Drink water and be kind to yourself

7. Mikasa Ackerman

Date: Feb 10

How to celebrate: Go out with your friends and just enjoy their presence

8. Tsuyu Asui

Date: Feb 12

How to celebrate: Have a DIY spa day!

9. Ban

Date: Feb 14

How to celebrate: It's Valentine's Day you know you have to dress up and out! It's what Ban would want.

10. Light Yagami

Date: Feb 28

How to celebrate: Don't.

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