10 Anime Characters Born in April

...& how to celebrate them with your weeb friends! It's time to see which of your kins, crushes, and comfort characters are Aries'. Let us know in the comments below how you celebrate them and who we missed!

1. Hajime Kokonoi

Date: April 1

How to celebrate: Watch a good yaoi. It's what he would want.

2. Usopp

Date: April 1

How to celebrate: Go to the beach! Enjoy a nice day reading, tanning, and playing in the water.

3. Kurapika

Date: April 4

How to celebrate: Hang out with your friends. You can do anything just hang out with them.

4. Tomura Shigaraki

Date: April 4

How to celebrate: Put on your best outfit, do your makeup, and take charge of the day. You could call it the "start of your villain era".

5. Sakuta Azusagawa

Date: April 10

How to celebrate: Go on a date! It can a friend date or a date date but make it cute and dress up.

6. Goku

Date: April 16th

How to celebrate: Go hard at the gym today. It's what Goku would want to make you stronger

7. Kourai Hoshiumi

Date: April 16

How to celebrate: Obviously, play volleyball! Make sure to play a good game.

8. Katsuki Bakugou

Date: April 20

How to celebrate: Train. Then right after, indulge in some sweets. You deserve it (Katsuki would never tell you that but I will).

9. Chouza Akimichi

Date: April 22

How to celebrate: Hang out with your friends and family and make sure they know you appreciate them :)

10. Hiroshi Fukuda

Date: April 26

How to celebrate: Do you even need us to tell you? Play some basketball. Don't like basketball? Watch Kuroko's Basketball.

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