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How It Got Started

Hear It From Me

I started OtakuDigest because, in a time of confusion and loss (months before my college graduation), I started job searching. As I was doing this I found a position for being an Anime News Writer at a website. It immediately peaked my interest but as I started researching different sites, I found that they were very focused on the male audience who watch anime. I kept thinking that I would change as much as I could if I got the job but I never heard back!

Well, good thing, I'm a firm believer in "everything happens for a reason". So, I considered what I could do with my interest in anime, writing skills, graphic design skills, and creativity. Thus, OtakuDigest was born! I created this website because I want it to be a source of community for everyone who doesn't identify as the cut and dry stereotype of anime watchers. This is a safe place where everyone can chat, share recommendations, and learn about each other and anime. OtakuDigest isn't just a website. It's a community. It's our community.

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